Our service

A la Carte, and not only from the kitchen

We pay attention to your tastes. Maybe you’d like a wrap or maybe you want ice cream?

At Manyara’s secret that’s no problem…

A long lunch and just a salad for dinner, or the other way round, our chef will pleasantly surprise you every time. You can dine on your own terrace if you like and if you’re a vegetarian our chef will respect that and make sure your dishes are varied and delectable. We take your choices very seriously.

On holiday you want to do exactly as you please and we think you’re perfectly right. Manyara’s Secret adapts to you, we think with you.

However, we do have one request. Please tell us exactly what you want and help us not to be wasteful, we respect the local environment and want to protect it.

From Manyara’s Secret you will bring home very special memories and we want to help you create those memories.


Just imagine this:

While it is still dark and you can still hear the nocturnal insects, we wake you with coffee and something yummy. Next you get into your safari jeep with your guide and within fifteen minutes you are in the national park.

Don’t worry, there’s a picnic basket in the back with an appetizing breakfast. When you come home late morning, we are ready for you with a delicious lunch, exactly how you ordered it. Unless you simply want to lounge or swim and eat later, whatever you prefer. The choice is always yours.


  • customized service
  • we think with you
  • exceptional culinary indulgence
So nice to relax in this magical place.