Our team


You are our guest and we want you to feel that from the very moment you arrive. At Manyara’s Secret you’ll find a team who are genuinely looking forward to your arrival and stay. We are all very proud of Manyara’s Secret and all it has to offer.

Mieke and her team are attentive and afford all guests world-class attention and the very best of hospitality. Our team is well organized, they love their work and it is their goal to create a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere.

Such a warm welcome, it’s like coming back home.

Mieke Oxener, managing director

Since 2016 Mieke has made her home in Africa, she works and lives in one of the most beautiful places in Tanzania. Once Mieke discovered the secret of Manyara, she envisioned the lodge. She was determined; she developed the concept and set about building it. Fortunately, with her extensive experience in both building in Tanzania and human resource management, her skills have helped to realize her dream.